Usually, if it is a fraud investment, it will not have legality or legal strength/recognition from the authorities. Thus, investor rights are not well guaranteed. This will be very risky. Because a variety of possibilities could have happened to the funds invested. If at any time this investment activity is problematic, then we as customers will not have legal protection for the funds that have been embedded there. For this reason, before carrying out investment activities, ensure the legality of the company and also the business carried out in accordance with applicable legal provisions. If the business is engaged in financial services, then the authority is authorized to issue business licenses. You can visit if you feel cheated while investing.

A company, of course, must have a clear organizational structure, starting from the highest to the lowest position. However, things like this will not be found in investment fraud, because basically this company is established and formed carelessly, without meeting the organization’s organizational standards as they should. Therefore, pay close attention to the company’s organizational structure that will serve as an investment destination well. The more unclear the organizational structure of a company, the more doubtful are the business activities they carry out in it.

Business activity is certainly one of the most important things because this will have a direct impact on the returns that can be obtained from these investment activities. Mostly, investment fraud will not have clear and organized business activities, because the company only focuses on collecting funds from customers. Know well the business activities carried out by the investment company, including by looking at the evidence of their operational activities directly. This can help avoid losses on the investments we make.

See if you can make a big profit if you successfully recruit other people. This is important to know. Because investment fraud will generally use a recruitment system that can directly affect the amount of income from investments that we invest. If we can recruit people and make them invest large amounts, then our income will also be even greater. The opposite also applies. Whereas in legal investment companies, we will not find things like this. Because only need to invest and oversee investment activities regularly. If an investment company burdens its customers with this recruitment system, then it is most likely an investment fraud company whose business is not clear.