Choosing and recruiting prospective employees for our company is difficult and easy. If the criteria are few and the qualifications are low, it might be very easy. If the criteria are quite a lot and the qualifications are high, it’s hard. Each company must have its criteria for recruiting prospective employees. Each part of the company has an important role that has specific criteria in ability. Like bookkeepers Sydney who have some basic criteria to guarantee that their bookkeeping is correct and does not harm the company. There are 4 basic criteria that you can make a benchmark for choosing trusted bookkeepers. What are the criteria?

1. Capability
Capability, which is the basic ability needed to do the job. Usually associated with the ability to reason, intelligence, systematic thinking. Someone called capably or has the ability if you have the minimum level of intelligence needed. Capability also requires skill or expertise in doing work. Without this basic ability, prospective employees will not be able to carry out their work.

To assess and determine whether someone has the ability can be seen from the results of the test before the interview. Don’t rely on certificates, diplomas, awards certificates, or other papers. Even though it’s guaranteed to be true, it’s not necessarily relevant to the abilities we need!
Make a series of tests that can show whether someone is able or unable to do the most basic tasks.

2. Capacity
Capacity is the maximum capacity or potential ability of a person who is shown with the ability to solve problems (problem-solving skills), do heavy workloads, overcome stress due to work, make priorities/schedules, and so on. This capacity indicates whether the quality of a prospective employee is likely to be improved or not.

To assess and determine whether someone has a high capacity, provide a high workload with deadlines. Limited time will be a cause of stress in doing work. Those who have a large capacity, are not easily stressed when given heavier tasks and tight deadlines. But those who have low capacity, will quickly stress and decrease the quality of work.

3. Credibility
Credibility is shown through honesty, integrity so that prospective employees can be trusted, can be relied upon to assume their responsibilities properly. Without this credibility, the company does not trust him. This credibility can be reflected in past behavior. Track records become very important at this level. Once led to the exam, a lifetime of unbelievers.

4. Commitment
Commitment is demonstrated through sincerity in completing tasks, even in difficult or unfavorable conditions. This sense of responsibility is far more valuable than skill, capacity, passion, and so on. If people only have a passion or passion but do not commit, then they only want to do the work they like. If he faces an unfavorable situation or has to do work he doesn’t like, he will leave the company. That is why this commitment can only be seen when the company is in difficult conditions or is facing a problem.