When you want to pamper your hair in a beauty salon, you will be offered several choices of treatments such as creambath, hair mask or hair spa. All three might look a bit similar but who would have thought that among the three, a hair salons near me open now has more benefits than the others.

Hair spas have procedures that are almost similar to creambath. The difference is, when doing a hair spa, your hair will be given a special potion or serum that is used to nourish the hair. In addition, the head massage process will also not be done, because of the emphasis such as massage on the scalp that is often done when creambath can make hair break easily. For this reason, hair spas are right for you who have hair loss or hair loss. In addition, other hair problems such as dry, dull, dandruff that can be difficult to manage can also be overcome in this way. With the right treatment, this hair spa is able to produce healthy hair growth and make it stronger, shiny until it looks more perfect.

1. Strengthens hair
For those who feel they have no hair strength and often fall out even thinning, a hair spa is a right solution to fix it. That’s because the serum given will rebuild the strength of each hair follicle and produce a strong volume so the hair appears thicker and easier to manage.

2. Provides nutrition for the hair
When doing a hair spa, usually there will be several types of serum and vitamins used in the middle of the treatment. Vitamins or serums differ in their contents, according to the standards and brands they have. Even so, all have the same benefits, namely maintaining healthy hair, ranging from preventing hair loss, preventing the appearance of dandruff, maintaining the strength and fertility of the hair to soften and add a fragrant aroma to our hair.

3. Adds value to the beauty of hair
Hair is the crown of the head. Yes, that’s the saying that can be said to be true. Beautiful hair will bring confidence to the owner. Therefore, by doing a health spa your hair will always be awake and look charming.