It is undeniable that children today can not get out of television. Their daily lives were spent in front of the television screen. Though watching TV too much can affect the way they socialize with the outside world. Children under the age of 2 should not be allowed to watch TV. Why is that? This is because at the age of the first 2 years of life is an important period of brain growth of children. At that age, normally the baby’s brain will grow and learn to explore the outside world, therefore playing outside is very good for them because:

– The child can move freely so as to make motor nerves develop,
– Children can learn to socialize also interact with chatting with parents and other people around him.

However, you should always be vigilant and careful in giving and choosing a television show for your children. Here are tips for you to choose events that are safe for your child.

You have to be really selective about your child’s spectacle. Because the violence that exists in the spectacle of children can have a direct impact on his behavior. Children affected by violence in the show can be more aggressive. Violence in the spectacle of children is sometimes inserted in good characters or heroes are very idolized by children. When at home you teach your child that hitting, pounding, biting or kicking others is a bad thing for hurting others, but on the contrary in your child’s spectacles good or super characters they are idolized to be beating, beating people, or kicking people, it is allowed because he is on the good side. Of course, this could be confusing your child. Therefore, accompany your child always and give the right information about everything so your child will not be confused later. In addition, you should know that in fact, children are very vulnerable to fear seeing things that smell of violence. Fear that caused may interfere with your baby’s mind. So keep an eye on your child while watching TV and provide the right information because that way your child knows that sometimes what is displayed on TV is not entirely reliable and it also can reduce his fear.