At the end of 2019, we find a lot of trends that were popular in our lives. Starting from music trends, food, and even clothing design. T-shirt designs are also not spared from popular trends this year. T-shirts themselves are often used by many groups, especially young people because of the ease to design their t-shirt designs can also be achieved with technological advances. Thus, t-shirts become a medium for young people to channel their expressions. Aside from being comfortable to wear, t-shirts are also often worn in casual and informal situations. No doubt many young people who love the use of these shirts. You could make your shirt with the help of t shirt generator to get a unique shirt.

Young people nowadays are very fond of experimenting and making breakthroughs in their experiments, including breaking down the view that bright colors are not suitable for clothing because they look contrast and tacky. Most t-shirt designs that are popular today have a typical bright color. Although dark colors are timeless, bright colors like sky blue, gold, yellow, and green have a place in the hearts of the users. The use of bold color schemes such as bright colors combined with abstract geometric patterns and lines is very much loved by people in 2019. Most of them are teenagers who like to express themselves using abstract things on their clothes, especially T-shirts now. Some shirts have been designed with a very minimalist too, such as the concept of a shirt with a small design on the chest or the back and some are even plain. This gives the feeling of freedom to the wearer.

Sketch drawings are also one of the t-shirt design models that are popular today. These sketches can be in any form even though abstract concepts. Others use a more dynamic design of signs that is the best way to make a one-color T-shirt design still feel artistic and wise. With the advancement of technology as it is today, a lot of people are making t-shirt designs in the form of sketches such as people’s faces that are designed in such a way and printed t-shirts. One example of a sketch form in a t-shirt is the use of WPAP techniques from the faces of famous people.