The durability and strength of a building lie in its foundation. The foundation of the building is the most important part. Many who pay less attention to the structure and quality of the foundation, make the quality of the building also not optimal. If you want your building to stand firm for decades, then consider the quality of its foundation. Get the best home foundation by visiting Foundation and Crawl Space Pros.

The foundation is a part of building construction that functions to place the building and carry the load distribution from the upper structure to the subgrade which is strong enough to hold it. The foundation is the main part of a building, without a solid foundation the building will not be strong and not safe to occupy. Each construction of a house does not mean having the same type or type of foundation, you need to choose/determine the type of foundation or type of foundation that is right and suitable for your building, for example, 2-story house foundation is different in-depth or type of foundation used for 3-story buildings.

In determining the type of building foundation there are several things that must be considered and considered including:

1. A number of floors to be built, for example:
In simple buildings or 1-story houses can be used shallow foundation namely river stone foundation or palm but if the building stands on soft soil it would be good and safe if the foundation is placed on solid soil / can be used Strauss pile foundation with a depth of 3 meters (adjusting conditions soil).

The foundation of a 2-story or 3-story house can be used as a foundation of a manual foundation pile or drill, this method in the present era is widely used for 2-story house foundations or multilevel home foundations because the costs incurred are proportional to the functions of the foundation pile foundation itself. In buildings 3 floors or more, a deep foundation can be used ie pile drill or pile, but if the location does not allow using both methods then the alternative can be used Strauss pile method.

2. Locations around the project, project plans are in densely populated areas and access to narrow road locations, this must also be considered because it is not possible if the location is carried out with heavy equipment that can disrupt the local environment.