The hotel room although routinely cleaned it kept the germs in some corner. Hotel staff usually do not have much time to clean rooms, bed linens and other equipment in hotel rooms. Duration to clean even very short about 30 minutes every day. Moreover, a hotel room inhabited alternately by hundreds and even thousands of visitors, we certainly can not be sure how they live and use the goods that are there. Try to wash hands regularly after touching objects indicated to contain germs in hotel rooms. Here are the most germinated objects in a hotel room:

– Remote TV
Remote TV is on the top list of the most greedy objects in a hotel room. Hundreds of hands have touched the TV remote but the small object is not on the list of items routinely cleared by the hotel staff, may not even have been cleaned.

– Bed cover
As we sleep, we release the body oil and spill the skin flakes that can get into the sheets together with the bacteria we may carry. The hotel staff usually change the sheets when guests check out to welcome new guests, but not all hotels do the procedure.

– Pillowcases and bolsters
No less surprising is the cleanliness of pillowcases and bolsters. If it does not look too dirty, maybe pillowcases and bolsters are not replaced at all times. Terrible! An investigation was conducted in 5 of the world’s top hotels. In the hidden video, it appears that the replacement process in the room does not involve the replacement of pillowcases and bolsters. They only turn it over if it is not too dirty.

– Light switch
The research team also found bacteria on the TV remote also found high bacterial contamination on the light switch in many hotel rooms, especially in the bathroom. Lightbulbs are susceptible to the nesting place of bacteria because many hands touch them.

– Telephone
The last is the phone. Almost similar to a TV remote, this one is also almost never cleaned by the cleaning staff at the hotel. In fact, almost every guest use the phone. At least when contacting the hotel when needing something.