The game is not just limited to a computer or laptop only. Along with the development of smartphone technology, interesting game applications to be played on smartphones make many developers who make games for smartphones. Smartphones with gaming quality are one of the portable devices that can accompany your boredom. To play the latest games with the best image quality requires a smartphone with quality and good performance as well. Of course just like computers, there are some things to watch out for like RAM and processor on a smartphone.

Here are the special tips you need to know when buying a smartphone for gaming purposes:

– Latest Android System
Try not to choose a smartphone with an old OS. Try the smartphone that you choose to have the latest Android operating system. At this time in order to run the latest games, Jelly Bean Android OS becomes a minimum requirement to make the smartphone as a gaming device.

– Durable Batteries
Battery life is one of the main points in the game. Moreover, the game involved a network that must always be online. It’s no secret, when running HD games it takes quite a lot of power. Of course, your battery resources will be drained quickly. For that, so you are satisfied with playing games required a large capacity battery. Try to choose a battery with a capacity of at least 2000mAh.

– Sophisticated processor and GPU
Processors and GPUs for graphics do greatly support the performance and performance of your smartphone in running heavy programs like gaming. For that, if you want maximum performance, try to choose Android smartphone that has processor Quad Core or Octa Core, which supports up to 64 bits or better using Cortex 15. Try to choose a CPU or processor that has good quality. For graphical affairs, to support the games created by developers, try to choose GPU min version 3 or 4 from Andreno, PowerVR 6 series, or GPU from Mali with the latest generation.