Rafting is a river crossing that is very challenging. Rafting is included in the water sports category. Rafting has a fairly long history since the 19th century which was pioneered by John Macgregor, a scout from Uncle Sam (United States) who was then leading an expedition on the Colorado River. There are several White water rafting bali terms that you must understand if you just enter or try rafting. The following are:

1. Put In
The starting point of the boat placement is also the starting point of the river crossing.

2. Take out (endpoint)
The final point or finish of the rafting activity. Usually, at this point, there is already a team that picks up participants to be escorted to the starting point of the rafting.

3. Swimmer
Rafting participants are dropped or thrown into the river. It’s likely that everyone who has rafting is a swimmer because the majority of participants will surely be thrown into the river.

4. Strainer
River currents are blocked by falling rocks or fallen trees so that they cannot flow. It can also clamp the boat that you are riding. So be careful.

5. Skipper
People who give instructions as well as a companion during rafting. He is the one who guides the rafter when to paddle faster, when to turn, or when to stop the paddle. Skippers usually have to understand very well rafting techniques and understand the principle of first aid.

6. New Yorker
A term for rafting participants who like to complain. So are you classified as a New Yorker?

7. Waterfall
It can mean a waterfall, in the form of a derivative in the river body. Usually, it has a height of not less than 2 meters.

8. Wrap
The condition of the boat or boat that is pinched by a large rock or other obstacles. If the boat is difficult to be released from this trap, you can deflate the boat first.