A barcode scanner is a tool commonly used to read codes in the form of vertical lines. Like other electronic goods, this barcode scanner is not always smooth and durable. Worse yet the warranty period is up and if buying a new item the price is fairly expensive. So the short term solution is to fix it. Repairing a barcode scanner is different from how to deal with a damaged printer. Scanners and printers in the process are interconnected. To print the results of the scan requires a printer to print out the result in physical form. Zebra Printer Repair can be relied upon to repair the printer.

In this article, we will teach you how to fix a Barcode Scanner that cannot scan barcodes.

1. Repair of software
An example of this improvement is the LXE MX8 Scanner. The purpose of the improvement of this software is to restore the settings contained in the Barcode Scanner like when it was still in the factory or in a word short is reset. The way to restore it by default is as follows.

– When the scanner is on, click Star-> Run. After that, write “CLEARHIVE” then click OK. If there is a notification reset to default, then just click OK.
– After that, the Scanner will restart itself. Wait until the scanner window appears home or desktop.
– If the scanner still cannot scan, continue to the next process.

 2. Repair of Hardware
In the hardware, the part is not only through software as in the first point. The difference, in this section, involves the hardware component of the scanner itself. The method itself is first off the main battery. Then, remove the backup battery that is inside the scanner. This way is almost the same as we reset the computer bios settings. Something similar is in the way to remove the CMOS battery. We have to disassemble it first because the battery is in the scanner.

Next is to replace the scanner component on the laser. It is located on the top side of the scanner which usually emits laser light when scanning. Keep in mind that laser replacement is done if the laser does not emit light during the scan.

If the laser has been replaced and still can’t scan, check the mainboard. If you have parts that are still good, try to exchange them to ensure that the mainboard doesn’t suffer damage. It is important to remember, when removing a piece of the backup battery cable or the battery inside, make sure to do it carefully because the cable is very fragile so it breaks easily.

 3. Check the data cable
After we dismantle both the hardware and software. This time you try to check the data cable. Usually, there are events that happen to Barcode Scanners that cannot be installed simply because the data cable is not plugged into stuck. Therefore, try to press the data cable to the USB port until stuck. If the data cable has been connected until stuck and it still fails too, then try using another data cable.