Hallucinogens are a type of hallucinogenic drug but do not cause hallucinations is true, which is intended as a true hallucination is if people believe that the objects are not normally seen and heard is there. But users of addictive substances is still understood that the feeling is not normal that arise in itself is not real and is caused by the drugs consumed. As with other addictive substances, the use of this drug is meant to calm the patient from a variety of things that do not want to think about. Or can also be influenced by other external factors such as the environment. To obtain a hallucinogenic effect, you can use ayahuasca retreat, a plant from the Amazon that has been used for centuries by herbalists there.

– Symptoms of Hallucinogens Abuse

Patients with this disease will experience symptoms such as auditory sensation and the sensation of sight. Both sensations can also intersect, in the sense like when people are listening to music can cause colors to move to the rhythm of the music.

– Diagnosis Hallucinogen Abuse

Patients with this disease can be diagnosed by looking at the various symptoms of the changes indicated by the patient, or a variety of symptoms such as delusions that characterize strange that people are users of this drug in acute. As for the other symptoms seen from this diagnosis was dilated pupil patients with increased heart rate. There was also supporting information about the illness based on the information that can be obtained from the people closest to the patient.

– Hallucinogen Abuse Treatment

If the disease is still relatively mild, the patient does not require special treatment and can heal by itself, but if the patient is already included experiencing acute disease, then the best way is with the treatment of mental or treated in a rehabilitation center.