Scripts are important information for those of you who aspire to become drama writers. Each drama has different elements of theme, conflict, character, and message. To make the story more memorable, usually, the drama will tell the story experienced by most people. At the end of the story, there will usually be meaning from the story. There are many types of scripts and if you are not sure about making one, you could always find here many scripts including one actor performances and solo shows. There are various examples of drama scripts out there that you can search for and use as references. From short drama scripts that are only about 10 to 15 minutes long to drama scripts that come from foreign languages.

However, in making any drama script, of course, it would be better if you know the technical or system that is appropriate. Thus, you can learn to make any drama scripts yourself, starting from comedy-drama and friendship, without having to rely on existing examples. Well, on this occasion, you will find reviews and guides for making drama scripts as well as a few examples of drama scripts that you can make learning material for. This guide is briefly reviewed, but as clear as possible, with the hope that you can immediately start trying and make your own desired drama script, including scripts for short dramas with only 2 or 3 characters, up to even 5 person drama scripts.

In a script, some important parts need attention. These sections are as follows. In a story or drama, the prologue is the introduction. The aim is to give viewers an idea of the characters or characters in the story and their respective characters, and the setting in the drama to be staged. The opposite of the prologue is the epilogue, which means this section is at the end of the performance. Because it is placed at the end of a story, an epilogue usually contains conclusions, moral messages, and important lessons contained in the story. Dialogue is a conversation that occurs between plays or players in a drama. The role of this dialogue is very important because it becomes a tool as a director of drama plays and helps the audience in understanding the drama’s storyline better.