There are a few very important things you should keep in mind when choosing something among the retreats in Peru. Ayahuasca Peru is not suitable for recreational use, and the best ayahuasca healers will not try to attract everyone. It is important for a person to be serious about the ceremony. If you have good reasons to work with ayahuasca Peru, then come to our ayahuasca center where we will help you find answers to important questions as well as improve your mental and physical health.

Safety is crucial. You should go to a safe location and to a center led by an authentic shaman. Find out as much info as possible on how to get to the place, what accommodation it has, who leads retreats, what ingredients are used in the drink, etc. On ayahuasca Peru website, all this information is provided, but you are very welcome to contact us at any time you want to ask any questions you need. Make sure to check recommendations on how to prepare for a retreat. Such powerful retreats are not something that you can go to between excursions. Give yourself some time to prepare your body and mind for the ayahuasca experience. On our site, you will find clear instructions of do’s and don’ts before going to a retreat with a powerful drink.

Check what else you can get at the center. Our experience spiritual healers (curanderos) know how to use different plant medicines for managing a range of problems with vision, heart, and more. In ayahuasca Peru retreat center, you can also opt for different healing techniques, such as massage to get rid of pain and drastically improve your health condition and emotional wellbeing. Remember to check reviews of the center you are about to go to. On our website, you can find a range of videos with testimonials of our guests. We highly recommend you to watch them in order to find helpful information.