There are various models of tombstones, some of which use marble tombstones. This is done because indeed marble has its own characteristics that are suitable for use as material for making tombstones. Marble is a type of intermediate coal formed from limestone fossil. If you want to make a marble gravestone or memorial, you can visit welsh slate signs.

Besides being expensive, marble also has certain characteristics that make it flexible to function as a tombstone, including:

Marble is a strong ingredient
The main characteristic of marble is its strength. Marble is a material that is strong and not easily bent or curved. This is what makes marble suitable for making gravestone.

Has long lasting properties
Strong marble will be more resistant to climate and outdoor weather. This is the reason why marble is used as a tombstone making the material.

Marble is easily cut or formed
Meanwhile, marble made from fossilized limestone has a less dense fiber. This is what makes it easy to cut. Easy to cut marble will certainly make it easy to form.

Marble is also easily carved
Marble with loose fibers is also an easily carved material. These properties are needed by a material to be used as a tombstone in the cemetery, considering that the funeral is certainly needed to engrave the name as a marker.

Here are some forms of gravestones for tombs:

– Headstone marble pillars
Magnificent gravestones of marble for tombs are also shaped like solid Roman pillars. The making of the pillar is made of marble and resembles a pillar of ancient Roman architecture.

– Marble pyramids
This model of marble tombstone is unique because it was inspired by the tombs of kings in Egypt. Marble is formed to resemble a pyramid and is given a cross accent on the right and left sides. While the front side is engraved with a name as a tomb marker.