Investing in stocks is now easy to reach. You can easily buy shares through online trading applications from trusted securities companies, keep abreast of news and stock analysis on credible analyst sites, and even dig up information about stocks through social media or following useful reference. However, it’s good if you have a long-term stock investment strategy. That way, the risk of long-term stock investment can be reduced. The trick is to calculate the risk of stock investment. Understanding the company’s stock prospectus means that you read what the company is like, what sector it is engaged in, who the founding profiles are and the people who run it, when the company was established, how the company ran, what products were released, why the products were released and so on. This step is a starting point for novice investors.

At least you know and understand the products of these companies before selling and buying stocks for beginners. Low stock prices are not necessarily good, and vice versa. This assumption includes the unwritten but agreed by most investors. A low stock price may not be good for you. It could even make your heart dislodged because of extreme price fluctuations on the stock exchange and marked as an issuer that is not transparent financial statements. Expensive stock prices are not necessarily profitable for you. Maybe the valuation is good, but if a special investment fund is insufficient and instead burdensome you, of course, it is not good for your financial condition right? This is also a sign of the risk of a company’s shareholders.

Besides, stock investment risks such as systematic risk and non-systematic risk in stocks are as follows. Systematic risk is holistic which cannot be eliminated through stock diversification. For example, inflation, rising or decreasing interest rates, social and political conditions, etc. Unsystematic risk is the risk that can be reduced by forming an investment portfolio. For example the risk of corporate failure, financial risk, and management risk. As a tip, understand the business process of a company that you are after and how it risks your investment assets. So, you can get the maximum profit with controlled risk.