First, choose a guitar that does not smell like paint. I put this point at number one because I think this is the easiest first quick reference when buying a new guitar. Guitar with poor quality mostly emits a very pungent odor of paint. This is certainly very different from good quality guitars that have absolutely no smell. It turns out that in a quality guitar production site, there are special treatments or procedures in such a way for newly produced guitars so that the smell of paint can be minimized or even disappear. The pungent smell of paint from the guitar is very disturbing comfort when we play it. Meanwhile, perhaps you also want to check out the DIY Guitar Kit.

Then, don’t get caught up in excessive designs and colors. Connecting to the first point, usually, the guitar with a pungent odor of paint has a physical characteristic of the colors that seem crowded or a very contrasting color combination, accompanied by certain motifs or abstract motifs. Not all of them, but mostly yes.

This is intended to attract the eye when entering this type of guitar shop. The appearance that looks colorful is intended as a distraction so that buyers are interested because of its physical.

In addition, buy an original brand guitar. It is true that buying a certain brand of the guitar in a shop or an official musical instrument dealer needs to spend quite a lot more than a guitar sold in ordinary stores or not an official dealer. However, good quality guitars sold at authorized dealers or music stores have good endurability and OK playability.

Which do you choose? Good guitar which is certainly a bit expensive, but up to 10 years the physical quality and sound have not changed at all, always comfortable when worn, the fingertips feel soft and comfortable when pressing the strings because the neck is not bent, it makes me want to play it all day, OR a guitar with quality potluck which is usually cheap, good at the beginning and then start to bend its neck after 3-4 months so we are lazy to pay it again then have to buy it again because it is very uncomfortable when played?