Soapstone countertops in dallas is also known as steatite and soaprock and is predominantly composed of talc and magnesium. Soapstone has been used as a material for carving for thousands of years. Because it has a high talc content soapstone is soft and feels soapy when you touch it. Native Americans used it to make bowls and cookware. In India soapstone was used to sculpt religious idols.

Soapstone is used for inlaid designs, sculptures, kitchen countertops and sinks. Because it can absorb and distribute heat evenly it is used for fireplace surrounds and woodstoves. In addition, it is used for griddles and various cookwares. In order to enhance the color of soapstone and make it darker,, manufacturers of soapstone countertops recommend the use of mineral oil. Mineral oil will not make the darker color with one application as it takes many applications and a lot of time to get the difference in the color. There is an oxidation process that occurs naturally in soapstone as it forms a patina. After a while an aged appearance happens as the patina is enhanced. Applying mineral oil does not protect the soapstone; it merely darkens its appearance.

The advantages of using soapstone in countertops are: soapstone countertops in dallas are rich and deep colors giving the kitchen that earthy feeling; the stone feels smooth; It does not stain as easily as other countertop materials; it is resistant to corrosion and is therefore tough and won’t break down; Soapstone is less porous than granite; and Soapstone is resistant to heat. The soapstone countertops have their disadvantages also: they are expensive, they are also high maintenance, soapstone countertops may easily crack, they are prone to scratching and chipping; soapstone darkens over time, and soapstone is hard on dishware and glasses.

Knowing the pros and cons of soapstone makes it easier to determine if a soapstone countertop is what you really want in your kitchen. These pros and cons should be reviewed carefully and after weighing them to see which outweighs the other, a decision can be made. Soapstone is making a comeback as granite becomes a common countertop material.