Credit cards do offer many interesting benefits. But, not necessarily you can directly apply for credit cards. There are times when it’s right for you to have a credit card. If you have it at the wrong time, you will automatically get into debt and cause your financial condition to collapse. It is also intended that your credit card application will be accepted by the bank as there are several requirements that must be met when you will apply for a credit card. Before you apply for a credit card, consider first, are you in any of the conditions below?

– Just start a business
If you are not an office worker, but an entrepreneur, you must have a credit card. For someone who is just starting a business, having a credit card will bring many benefits to you because you can use as an initial business capital that does not require large funds.

– Already married
Quite often there are people who stop using credit cards when they are married. In fact, credit cards will be more useful when you are married. Credit cards can help save monthly expenses because you’ll get discounts and promotions for household needs, from electronic equipment to monthly shopping at the supermarket.

– Have a job and have a steady income
The right time to apply for a credit card is when you already have a job and a steady income. That way, you’ve pocketed a steady monthly income that you can use to pay off credit card debt. Having a steady job is one of the conditions for credit card submission. For an employee or an office worker, you must attach a paycheck as a document to be submitted.

– Debt ratio no more than 30 Percent
If your debt ratio is not more than 30 percent, then you can safely have a credit card. The existing debt ratio should be no more than 30 percent of your monthly earnings as the average bank provides a maximum limit of 30 percent of the total monthly salary.