While hunting for the best inflatable kayaks, it is okay to enrich your knowledge by knowing more about kayaking and its history. Generally, guests choose from either a single or a double kayak then spend an hour or more to experience paddling their kayaks. We will share with you the information about the facts of this awesome sport that you didn’t know before. Before that, for you who need to buy the best kayak or its accessories, you can visit our website and get the best Kayak Accessories for Sale Online.

1. Kayaks were around the people about 4,000 years old. The kayaks in the North American section of the Museum Five Continents are from the year 1577. Generally speaking, they are the oldest surviving kayaks in the world. To see the result of them, you can go to Munich, Germany.

2. Inuits were the first people who built kayaks. It means that they have used kayak a long time ago before we take advantage of kayak for recreational or exercising aim.

3. Kayak means ” boat of the hunter” or the “man’s boat”. Even though we nowadays use the kayak for fun and sightseeing, it was originally designed for hunting. Due to it is small, it could be the perfect option for creeping up on animals living in the water. You can also use your kayak for fishing and create a different experience than just use it for fun.

4. Kayak races were added to the Olympics in 1936. For your additional information, the Olympics added its first paddling event of women. Well, if you have good skill and paddling technique in using the kayak, you can be the next athlete for kayak racing competition.

5. An Austrian kayaking trip inspired the international scale of river difficulty. Don’t you know? Modern kayakers use the international scale of river difficulty to classify how strong rapids of the river are.