Is your house flooded? Before returning home, make sure your environment is safe or not. Check the ceiling or ceiling of your house, if you see water spots, it is an indication of roof damage. Make sure you stand in a safe position. If it is receding and safe, immediately call a carpet water damage restoration to help you clean the house and restore it to its original state. You can also try some of the tips below.

1. Let fresh air into the house
The first time you enter the house, you must open all the windows and doors and use a fan to maintain air circulation.

2. Sorting goods wisely
Flood disasters can have a profound effect on the condition of homes, such as items that are washed away or submerged in water so that they cannot be saved. Maybe this is one of the moments for you to sort out which items can still be saved or forced to be thrown away. If there is furniture that you can replace, it should be separated and can be changed after everything has been completed.

Furniture that has been submerged in mud and is in bad condition, should be taken to a professional washing area. A mattress is an item that you use every day. If it has been submerged in water, it should be disposed of. Mattresses that have been submerged in water are not good for breathing.

3. Carpet, the water absorber
Continuing discussion number 2, carpet is one item that is difficult to repair. By its nature which absorbs water, liquid particles will settle and are difficult to remove. First aid is to spread the carpet outside the house which is radiated by the sun.

Flush both sides of the carpet using water with great pressure to smear the mud. Use carpet cleaning products and rub all parts of the carpet. Dry the carpet until it is completely dry.

However, if the condition of the carpet is so severe and has been submerged in water or mud for up to 24 hours, the carpet should be removed instead of giving bad air in the house, especially for those of you who have small children

4. Prevent mold as soon as possible on furniture
Do not delay cleaning the sofa and other furniture because germs will easily spread. To prevent mold from sticking to your furniture, all you have to do is dry items that have been flooded. Remove furniture parts so that water is not stored in between, such as in a drawer or cabinet door.
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