Opening your home to a foreign girl or boy is not that easy and leaving your children in their care requires a gigantic leap of faith. Hundreds of families take that leap because the program works well for both sides. What are the advantages of hosting an Au Pair at your home?

1. Au Pairs Australia Affordable costs

Au Pairs Australia is cost effective way of having a child looked after. The costs of hiring them can be divided into two parts: the pocket money and food and accommodation costs. By hosting an Au Pair you can be safe in the knowledge that your children are being looked after by a trusted person in a familiar environment – your family home. She is more like a family member, who will take on board house rules and personal childcare preferences. Having someone living with you is great because you know you will have coverage for the kids from someone who knows the kids, knows the house and our lifestyle

2. Exposure to different cultures and languages

One of the best benefits of hiring an foreigner is that your child will get daily exposure to a special culture. A young person from foreign country can bring so much to your family with their own language, customs, traditions, cuisine and talents! If you ask your them to work on language learning with your child, it will help to make the experience positive and your child will still learn a second language.

3. Au Pairs Australia Scheduling flexibility

Although there is generally a limit to the number of days and hours each week, the Au Pairs Australia is available as needed. You can divide the hours in a way that works best for both of you. For instance, if you have school-age children, she can be available to get the children ready in the morning and take them to music lessons or watch them in the evening.