The sewing machine is the main tool for making a clothing product, in addition to the main fabric and sewing thread. In accordance with the need to sew, this sewing machine is made based on its function, as will be discussed in this article this time and based on what I know during the road in convection and garment, it might be a reference also for those of you who want to start opening a convection business. However, if you need a heavy-duty type of this machine, we suggest you check out some of the best heavy duty sewing machines.

As the name implies sewing machine, this sewing machine functions to combine one part with another part, the meaning of “parts” here are the elements that will be combined into a finished textile product, such as parts of the arm, collar, body, which is made based on patterns. The number of elements in a garment depends on the pattern of the finished textile product we make.

Here are some types of sewing machines:

Classic Sewing Machine

Who doesn’t know this sewing machine, before there was a sewing machine that uses hands, right because the sewing machine is out in the hand with the hand to move the machine?

How it works is quite easy and very cheap, this sewing machine was initially in motion with the feet but with the passage of time to facilitate the work then there is a dynamo that is sold separately, of course, to speed up the sewing process.

HighSpeed Sewing Machine

This sewing machine has used a machine with high speed, users of this machine must have special expertise, with a system that is equipped with its own thread cutter and locking seams at the beginning and at the end of sewing. Using this sewing machine provides good stitch quality, the sewing quantity will be more so that the time-saving rate is more efficient, and of course, it will reduce production costs.

Automatic / Digital Sewing Machine

Equipped with a computer system and high speed gives you a new sensation and touch to this sewing machine. The features of this machine are quite complete, just by pressing the configuration button that is on the machine body, we can get various types of stitches.