The smartphone screen is the most commonly used part, so many problems are experienced by the smartphone screen. Therefore, you need to know some common problems that happen often on smartphone screens. When it happens on your smartphone, we suggest you bring yours to the best smartphone repair center in singapore.

Some of these problems are:

Ghost Touching

Ghosts touching is a condition when the smartphone screen often runs its own commands without being touched, so the touch response often running off indistinctly. Even though it’s called ghost touching, it doesn’t mean that your smartphone screen is played by ghosts. This occurs because of damage to the smartphone LCD or due to excess electricity.

If it happens occasionally, usually ghost touching is caused by a faulty charger (or the voltage is too high). The solution is don’t use the charger too often. However, if it happens often, then this is caused by a broken smartphone LCD. So, you have to replace it immediately.

Dead Pixels

As the name implies, dead pixels can be interpreted as dead pixels on the screen. As a result, there are parts of the smartphone screen that do not turn on normally, resulting in pale or even black stains. The dead pixel portion of the screen can spread wider and make the screen unusable.

If you begin to find signs of dead pixels on the screen of your smartphone, fix dead pixels immediately with the Pixel Fixer application. This application will run a dynamic light spectrum to stimulate the screen so that it can respond to all colors presented. Not only color, but this light design is also claimed to be able to restore the sensitivity of the smartphone screen to touch you know!


This is the smartphone screen problem most often experienced by many users. It’s because of keeping the smartphone in a pocket or bag carelessly or too often, the smartphone screen is scratched with keys, coins or other rough objects.

Fortunately, there are many ways to overcome the screen of your smartphone that can be done to make the smartphone screen becomes smooth again. One that is believed to be effective is to use toothpaste. Yes, in addition to preventing bad breath and cavities, smearing toothpaste on a scratched smartphone screen can also make it smooth again!