Both in terms of finance, stature, and way of thinking, well-established men do attract women. That is why some men choose suits that are synonymous with the impression of being established as their style of appearance. However, the image of wearing a suit is identical to official activities. In fact, men can still look relax when they wear suits when they’re combined with cheap custom t-shirts. How?

If you want to know the way, please read these 3 cool ways to combine shirts with suits that we share with you:

1. Dark-colored shirt, bright-colored suit

In the world of fashion, color combination is one of the sciences that must be learned. For example, how to combine dark and light colors on a coat and shirt. If you have a coat with a bright color, avoid shirts with the same color. The effect that is given from the light-colored shirt and suit will make your appearance too dazzling and awkward. Make your appearance look more classy by choosing neutral and dark inner shirts to balance the colors of the bright suit.

2. Bright colored shirts, dark suits

Still, in the context of a combination of colors, your bright t-shirt can instead be combined with dark-colored suits like black, dark brown, or dark blue. In fact, the combination of black and white will make you look clean and smart look. Wearing brightly colored shirts will also lighten the color of your skin so you look fresher.

3. Matching shirts and suits

Another option in combining the color of a shirt and suit is to choose a matching color, which is also followed by a matching color on the pants and shoes. You can balance all the colors. For example, all-black color from top to bottom. However, it helps you provide an accessory such as a belt or hat with a different color to make you look more fashionable. Monochrome style like this can give the impression of a strong and masculine appearance.