The condominium is a target of the urban community, especially the productive generation. It’s because the condominium is considered to have advantages in terms of practicality and comfort. Moreover, the limitations of land and the high price of urban housing make the condominium like the Hyll condo as the right solution to have a residence. Many people choose to have a condominium located in the middle of the CBD.

However, before that, it would be nice to choose a condominium before buying it. Here are tips for choosing a condominium for occupancy:


Before choosing a condominium for residential purposes, it is better to know the location of the condominium. Is the condominium close to urban areas? If it is, it can bring a lot of benefits to its owner, like the Hyll condo.

You can consider the location factor before choosing a condominium for residential purposes. Of course, that is absolute. Do not let yourself buy a condo unit before you even know whether its location is actually strategic or not.


After the location of the condominium, knowing the facilities contained in the condominium is also a consideration in choosing a condominium as a residence. Choose a condominium like the Hyll showflat that has a myriad of facilities, or at least it is located to various facilities ranging from schools, health centers, to shopping centers.

There is no harm in reading the leaflet or if it’s necessary, you can come directly to the marketing department of the condominium to find out in full the facilities provided in its building.


Also, consider whether the area of the condominium you seek is close to the industrial area. You can certainly use the condominium as an investment. The existence of the area indirectly provides an increased demand for condominium dwellings.

This will increase the condominium’s value every year and it becomes a safe and strategic residence for its residents.