Moss on the roof of the house makes the house look unsightly. In addition, the presence of moss can also damage the construction of the roof of the house slowly. For that, there are some easy ways you can do to get rid of moss from the roof of the house. On the other hand, if you don’t want to clean your roof on your own, we suggest you go here to hire the best high-pressure cleaning service in your city.

Here are three easy ways to get rid of moss on the roof of a house:

1. Scrubbing

This first method is the simplest and cheapest way to clean lichens from the roof. The way you can use a scrubbing or rubbing moss on the roof and point it down so that the moss can peel and fall immediately. Make sure the moss is completely lifted from the roof to the roots. Do this cleaning with unidirectional movements, from the top of the roof to the bottom, to avoid keeping the tile in position.

2. Power washing

The second way is by using power washing or certain pressurized water to clean the moss from the roof of the house. This method can be done for roofs that are vulnerable to cracking, which cannot withstand our body’s heavyweight. Don’t be too tight, use power washing with a strength of between 1,200 and 2,000 psi, or (pounds per square inch). Do this method to every part of the roof overgrown with moss until it disappears and is clean.

3. The use of roof cleaning substance made from hydrogen peroxide

Finally is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide-based cleanser with warm water. Transfer the solution to the sprayer pump, being careful to pour it and not to make any hydrogen peroxide still clumping and not yet mixed which can clog the nozzles on the spray. Use this solution to spray the moss on the roof little by little then clean it.