A criminal lawyer may be needed for several cases related to crimes. There’s a lot best criminal lawyer in Brampton that help you to solves your cases especially DUI. DUI is known as driving under the influence. DUI can be fatal if it’s happened for you or families. So that’s why you need a professional criminal lawyer to handle the case.

If you have problem with DUI, here’s the complete lists for a best criminal lawyer to handle DUI cases.

Best Criminal Lawyer in Brampton for DUI Cases

1. Passi & Patel

Passi & Patel is one of the best criminal lawyers in Brampton. Established in 1998, this criminal lawyer offers high-quality services, free legal assessment, and flexible payment plans. They also provide services, such as impaired driving or DUI, threats, assault, stunt driving, and careless driving, assault with a weapon, dangerous driving, fraud, aggravated assault, robbery, drug offenses, weapon offenses and firearms, theft offenses, domestic assault and mischief offenses.

2. Greenspan Humphrey Weinstein

Another one of the best criminal lawyers in Brampton is Greenspan Humphrey Weinstein that specialized in criminal and related administrative and regulatory litigations. The firm offers experienced and advice international and trans-border criminal litigation and investigations, and domestic criminal proceedings, including extradition. The advocacy practice of the firm extends to related administrative litigation and regulatory including public inquests and inquiries, and also professional discipline.

3. Daniel Brown Law

Daniel Brown Law LLP is four-team lawyers who defend clients in high-profile and complex criminal cases both the appellate and trial level across Southern Ontario. This firm is consulted frequently by top media outlets to offers opinions on criminal cases that regularly acts and make headlines for professionals who find themselves in trouble with the law.

Those are a recommendation for a best criminal lawyer in Brampton for DUI cases you should know.