Hiring a car is important for those who want to travel in a convenient experience. It may be complicated in the process especially when it comes with fees you will be charged. You can find the daily rates for hire car via online. You can ask the staff in the prestige car hire counter to find out the fees. You should also ask about all the charges or fees by specific events. Reviewing your contract and understand the charges are needed before you sign the contract.

Before you sign the contract, here’s some information about the types of a fee to hire a car.

Types of Fee in Prestige Car Hire

1. Refueling Fee

If you do not show a receipt for fuel purchase, some prestige car hires companies will charge you a fee. This case typically happens for local driving only with use very little fuel. You can refuel the car within ten miles away from the office the rental car and don’t forget to bring the receipt with you when returning the car.

2. Early Return Fee

Rental change fee is the penalty for those who return the car early. If you return the car that you hire early before the time and date on your contract you be charged a fee. The fee can be vary depending on the prestige car hire companies near you.

3. Late Return Fee

You will probably be charged a fee if you turn the car in late, it involves a daily or hourly rate for rental extra time. Many car hire companies have short grace periods with 29 minutes as the norm. The grace period actually does not apply to any optional charges like GPS rentals and collision protection plans. If you return the car late, you maybe expect to pay a charge for full days for the optional items. You can call the car hire office to extend your rental time before the car is due back and it may be able to avoid a late return fee.

That’s all about types of fee in prestige car hire you to need to know. So it’s important for you to understand the contract before booking in advance.