Link Building is one of the SEO strategies that is often used by many people. However, that does not mean you are using backlinks from random links. You need to consider the quality of the website, reputation and other indicators. Using the wrong website when doing a backlink will be fatal. Your website can experience deindex from google. Websites that you need to avoid becoming backlink sources are the Private Blog Network (PBN), Link Farming Sites, and Link Directories. Aside from that, if you require experts to solve this problem for you, you may hire the best SEO Company in your city.

How to overcome:

Use a quality backlink source website. To do this, there are a number of things that you need to do, including placing backlinks on websites with high-value authority, using backlinks with anchor text keywords that you are targeting, planting backlinks with informative content.

Aside from that, duplicate content will also make your website experience Google deindex. There are two types of duplicate content that make this possible:

When someone copies the entire contents of a website, then displays it on their website (copy-paste or copy and paste content).

Duplicate content when a website owner creates multiple pages on a website, where the contents of the page content are exactly the same as the contents of the content on other website pages (on the same website). Although only on a few pages, it will also cause Google deindex.

Duplicate content not only causes Google deindex but also will make your website’s reputation decline because it has stolen someone else’s content.

How to overcome:

There are 2 ways as a solution in this case:

a. Perform the Redirect process

Redirect is the process of moving a website content from a domain to a new domain. There are two kinds of redirect processes, namely 301 Redirects and 302 Redirects.

301 redirects are moving a domain to another domain permanently, while Redirect 302 moves a domain to another domain that is temporary.

In this case, use redirect 301. Redirect 301 will give a signal to the search engine (Google) to crawl the new domain.

b. Create Your Own Content

In order to avoid duplicate content, surely you must create your own content. Make content that is interesting and has good quality.