Blocking is the position of the actor when on stage. In a drama game, good blocking is very necessary, therefore at playtime, we must always control our body so as not to damage the blocking. The blocking must be balanced, intact, varied and have a focal point of attention and reasonable. Clear, not doubtful, convincing. All of them have the understanding that the motion should not be half-half and not excessive. When in doubt, the impression of stiffness seems to be excessive, if over-impressed, it seems that over-acting Bocking must be understood (naturally). What we manifest in the form of motion does not deviate from the laws of motion in life. For example, if lifting heavy objects with the right hand, then our body will tilt to the left, etc. Blocking must have a clear motivation, meaning that the movements of the limbs and facial movements must match the role demands in the script. Additionally, if you want to perform with your students at school, we suggest you check out some of the best scripts for children’s plays.


Balanced means the position of the player, including the objects that are on the stage (settings), are not grouped in one place, resulting in an impression of bias. So all parts of the stage must be represented by players or objects on the stage. Further explanation about the balance of this stage will be conveyed in the section on “Stage Composition”.


Whole means the blocking that is displayed should be a unity. All placements and movements that must be carried out must support each other and not cover each other.


Varied means that the position of the player is not just a place, but rather forming new compositions so that the audience is not bored. The state of a player must not be the same as the position of other players.

Has a central point

Having a focal point means that every appearance must have a focal point. This is important to reinforce the role of the play and make it easier for viewers to see where the focal point of the scene is.

Naturally, it means that any placement of players or objects must be natural, not artificial. Besides that, each placement must also have the motivation and must be reasonable.