Sweatshirts are the right choice for use during the rainy season. Not only can make the body warmer, but this fashion item can also make a more stylish appearance. However, the more often the sweatshirt is used, the greater the potential for the sweatshirt to be damaged. It will be more concerning for you if you customize your own sweatshirt, due to its very unique and you might feel bad if it gets damaged.

That’s why, if you want to maintain your favorite sweatshirt, we recommend you to try these 4 tips to maintain it:

1. When buying a sweatshirt, there are several things that must be considered. One of them is to pay attention to the materials and fabrics used, especially for wool and cashmere sweatshirts. The weaving of the sweatshirt must be tight and tight. If you find a sweatshirt with a loose weave it will make the wool or cashmere more easily clot and fall out.

2. Before washing, pay attention to the care label on the sweatshirt that includes information on whether the sweatshirt is safe if it is washed in the washing machine or the sweatshirt requires more care by washing it by hand. In addition to these two ways, sweatshirts can also be washed by dry cleaning.

If washing using a washing machine, avoid spin mode on the washing machine. Fast movements in the spin mode will make the knit on the sweatshirt lose and eliminate the original shape of the sweatshirt.

3. Avoid mixing sweatshirt with denim when washing. Because the rough denim will tear the knits on the sweatshirt. To make the fabric feel smoother, you should add fabric softener when washing. As an alternative, separate the sweatshirt with other clothes when washing. This method can reduce friction between sweatshirts and other clothing.

4. Avoid drying the sweatshirt in direct sunlight. Preferably, dry the sweatshirt in the clothesline to prevent shrinkage and clumping on the sweatshirt. Make sure you don’t hang the knitted garment to dry because it will loosen the weave on the sweatshirt.