Of course, the answer to this question depends largely on your specific business needs and priorities. However, there are a number of key criteria that must be met by each system to make it worth the money you invest. Additionally, if you want to use XERO, perhaps you need to consider hiring the best XERO Perth accountant too.

Here are a few thoughts about what you should be looking for:

Integrated invoice module

Apart from core operations, your accounting system must be complete (stock management, for example), and if possible, you should always obtain a system that offers at least some basic invoice creation functions. In this way, you will avoid the trouble of buying additional invoicing software or migrating data to other systems.


There’s no software that can be used by all businessmen. In fact, this is one of the most diverse targeted software categories. The reason for this is that each company runs different financial calculations and obeys different ways of various rules.

If you can’t find a particular system that fits your business model, look for flexible programs that you can adjust to your operations, which can grow with your business.

Ease of use

There is nothing simple about accounting procedures and calculations, so your most recent accounting system must be able to do is provide you with an intuitive environment for work.

This means that information must be neatly organized, and functions must be available on one dashboard. You must complete the operation in a few minutes following the navigation patterns you already know.


The accounting system contains the most sensitive business financial data, every number that depends on it. To ensure that making calculations and sharing data in a safe and tested system, select a reputable company and check the security mechanism beforehand.


At the point where you buy an accounting solution, you already have a variety of software to use. To avoid changing your entire software infrastructure to the needs of one program, do the opposite – get a system that is integrated with the tools you have, or, in the best scenario, offer an open API for you to connect to the system you want.